Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What RYAN did this week!

I promise there is never a dull moment with this lil guy. So in his honor I think I should do a weekly post called, "What RYAN did this week!" because their are plenty of moments.

So this week first he wanted to be like daddy and "SHAVE". Well he shaved the side of his head. LOL!

Tonight he decided to get an early start on Halloween, I guess he choose to be a Ghost! LOL!

(Yeah those are orthpedic shoes....that will be tomorrow's post!)

Thanks for looking!


  1. lol brings back memories :)

    My son took a box of packing popcorn and proceeded to stomp all over it...on the floor of my family room. Disaster beyond disaster.

    Here's a warning. Hide all razors and scissors. My son's stylist experiences (2) were with zig zag pinking sheers. Him..and the dog.

    May the force be with you.

  2. Those are cute shoes, your being silly and over reacting.

  3. LOl too cute....cherish every moment because then you can show him the proof when he doesn't believe what you are telling him. LOL


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