Sunday, January 25, 2015

Its been a minute...

Well hello world...again! It has certainly been a while. So much has gone on in my life since I last shared here. I have lived and I am learned, even lessons I did not want to learn. The kids are growing so fast. Ryan is already in Kindergarten and Stacy will be 4 in one week. Life is full of surprises but I am so happy to be here, to be alive and just LIVE, live in the moment. I am very excited to get this mommy blog up and going again...we will be bring reviews, sales, tutorials and so much more!!! So Stay Tuned! -daisy

Thursday, August 7, 2014

WALL DECALS POP Product Review

Have you ever heard of vinyl wall art decals? This kind of wall decoration is really popular nowadays.
Recently, I have redecorated my house. Can you guess what types of material I choose to decorate with? A wall sticker. I love it and I am so excited about it. I found it on the internet. Now....I have to buy more for my other rooms! I affixed a green tree with falling leaves wall sticker in my living-room. It really brings a relaxing feel and ease to the room. The falling leave bring back some sweet memories about love, childhood, and youth. Makes my heart smile. I also applied a quote wall sticker in my craft room. When I feel done and don’t want to continue my work, I will look at Tips to pick family tree wall decals and read it word by word its kind of power push for's awesome. I love quotes so this is perfect for me! In my kids room, I applied a twinkle star wall sticker. It is just like in the fairy tale for Stacy. I need to get some boy themed ones too for Ryan.The make the best vinyl wall decals for children's themed rooms. So far I am loving it and I can't wait to get more because there are so many to choose from....I think I need to do my laundry room next. I think the awesome part of these wall decals is that when you are ready for a change you just peel off and change your room again. If you don't know how you would use it in your house this is a great idea to Rejuvenate the interior using kids' wall stickers.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A C-Section will NOT Define me!

I sit here full of emotion. Why? Because many of my friends are having babies....this is a joyous time right??? Not so, I  feel an emptiness within....I ignore it most of the time because I know my "time" to carry a child is gone. I linger to have a natural birth the kind that will a fill the void I carry in my womb. I have been thinking a whole lot about this lately and how I couldn't do it and how my body had failed me. The thought of a C-Section never even crossed my mine 4 years ago...I mean I would just have a baby like my mom and sister did right? Nope. Not even close. I failed.....its the first thing in my life I would FAIL at and never get to redeem. I was so close and just so far. I never knew that having a C-Section would impact my life the way it has. My whole life all I wanted was to be a mom.....and now I was....why was it not good enough??? I don't even know the answer to that I less of a mom because of it??? No. It's the pressure of being the Only one! That my body did not do its job. Maybe it's the would've, could've, should've that I won't get back. I never thought of myself as broken or less of a woman because of it. I know what labor is and how it feels and just missed the last step. I don't want to live the rest of my life obsessing over the fact that it didn't happen for me. I just have to let it go.....but its hard. I have to let it go and know that God knows why and he has a reason and GOOD ONE! I have to find the courage to LET GO and find peace. I will fail at other things in life.....I guess this is one of those times of moments of impact.....I just have to pick myself up and dust myself off and carry and just accept it for what it is. I am A MOTHER and it shouldn't and won't matter how my children arrived. My body is amazing after all it carried these children from egg to being....that is a miracle in itself. I need to let the wound heal instead of putting a bandaid over it and at this I will SUCCEED!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Losing Weight is HARD

Ahhh! Yes that is a scream! Why? Because losing weight is HARD! I started this journey sometime in MARCH I vaguely remember the date because I said what I usually said then, "I will start working out tomorrow." But something was different that time because I actually did it! I started INSANITY....I know, I know....Whoa! But it was all or nothing for me. You know I even got to a point where I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, "This is what a mom looks like don't be so hard on yourself". WRONG!!

I made a commitment and I have stuck to it for the past two months and a half. With the combination of Insanity and Running I have lost 16 pounds!!!! I still have 14 more to go but I am half way there and closer then I was 2 months ago. I am losing an average of 2 pound a week and GUESS WHAT??? NO DIET! Yep that that is right no starving myself. I eat our normal foods but in moderation. The KEY is making sure to get your cardio in and get your metabolism running. I am working out 6 days a week <<< I know it sounds crazy but it is so worth it!

Well I hope I can keep it up and reach my goals every POUND I lose is HARD but in the end worth it!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stacy is ONE!

 Happy Birthday to our princess! We love you!
Outfit is from Bambina Figurina!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Smile.....okay don't!

Yesterday I was outside with my camera and along came my happy and spunky 2 year old Ryan! He was all excited about getting to play outside when all of a sudden mommy said, "smile for the camera"  and this what he did! I swear he is NOT a fan of the mamarazzi he has! LOL!

This was also right before he left for his haircut too! Toddlers are so emotional and show it well too! :)

Thanks for visiting! :)


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