Monday, March 21, 2016

FUN Easter Alphabet Egg Hunt Actvity

This was such a fun idea I found on Pinterest! Basically its an Egg Hunt but with a learning twist! Since I have two kids I printed out the Capital and Lowercase letters and told them that they had to work as a team. They had a blast! 

I bought my plastic easter eggs at  Walgreens but they have a good deal on amazon if you have Amazon Prime. I believe that are 144pcs(eggs) for around $10. I just used a sharpie to put the letters on the eggs. I could imagine you can use your silhouette cameo to vinyl these letters on too!  I used my printer to print out the game card and laminated them using my favorite laminator the Scotch Thermal Laminator.

...and BAM you have yourself  a game and your ready for the hunt!

I really enjoyed watching them get so excited and helping each other when they found a new egg! 
If you would love to try this game out to I suggest you head over to 
TOTSCHOOLING.NET and you will be able to download and print your very own game! 
Happy Easter Week!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Chatty Tuesday #2

The Bachelor!!!!!  OMG! That sneak of next week nearly broke my heart in pieces. But before we dig into that lets break down the woman tell all! I mean seriously, I did not get all I need in those two hours to move on, lol! I needed more realness. I do Bachelor like I do anything in life all in or nothing. First Olivia, um... yea I think they went after her. I think her "teen" mom comment was insensitive that the time but totally was unintentional as she mentioned. It was taken out of context and I really think that she was just sitting there thinking she was speaking to a group girlfriends when it happened but America just happened to be there too.  At the women tell all she was apologetic and sincere. Jubilee was attacked right out the gate and although she is really well spoken she somehow lacks a major filter and at times make sense and then none at all. LOL! She really is confusing and complicated. Caila, oh she played her cards right to become the next bachlorette, or so she thought because in my opinion she played it too safe. I really wish she would have really said how she really felt and that would have cemented her bachlorette role. Other then that no real issues were brought up and Ben did a tactful job of making sure he did was not on the receiving end of that fire squad as Chris Harrison mentioned. As I watched the sneak peek of The Final Rose, my heart raced and broke into a tiny million pieces for the girl in the bathroom with Ben as he admits he is in love with the other woman as well. OMG moment for sure! From the looks of it I need at least 2 bottles of wine for next Monday. As far as the Bachlorette I really feel that it would be JoJo and she would be an awesome one. Because of the blogs and after shows it really feels like Lauren is the one that lands Bens ring since obviously both landed Ben's heart. If you really want to break down every episode you should really listen to After Buzz The Bachelor on your Podcast!  Be back next Tuesday!!!
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Thursday, March 3, 2016

I Love My Erin Condren Planner

Totally obsessed with my Erin Condren life planner! It is personalized exactly to what I need and want. I love that its sort of not really but like a scrapbook.  Below you can see how I made my very own Erin Condren Life Planner Cover. I felt like March needed its own cover although I will have to make one for easter soon. Follow my on Instagram for my planner posts @daisyplanspr

I also decided to make a bookmark for the month which seriously just makes life easier. 


Yep it is Thursday so lets throw it back to last week I had a Movie theme week in honor of the Oscars isn't it so cute!!!

Just in case you are wondering this is the original cover my planner came with. A personalized cover of my family.

I know, I know now you want one too! lol I have a $10 off code you can use to buy your very own.
All you have to do is click my referral link

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Workout Wednesday

Welcome to Workout Wednesday! I mean lets be real we all could use the motivation because really its hard to work out EVERY DAY. So Wednesdays Daisy to the rescue! I will be posting what my workout looks like for Wednesday and you can comment what you are doing or follow along. Lets get started!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Chatty Tuesday

Woot Woot for Chatty Tuesday! Trying to get this blog on a schedule. 
Alright first topic UP....TEENS...just typing the word makes my heart hide in my stomach. I was a rough teen and by that I mean I just really gave my mom and dad a run for their money. Now compared to teens now a days (I was a teen 12 years I was an average teen. Teens now a days take no NO FEAR SYNDROME to a whole other level. Its hard to be a teen's parent and those darn hormones don't help. I, thank you Jesus do not have teens YET but I have a few teen nephews and nieces that scare me. Trust me if there was a "never never land" I wold be living there now. Stacy would have not objections as she in her own words, "Will never grow up...EVER!"got it! All I pray for those with teens is to have patience and remember what it was like for you and even though your experience as teenager does not compare or you help you understand your own teen that you might open your heart to try to understand them. Its always important to keep the lines of communication open and know that no matter how open they are they will still say on occasion "you just don't understand" and that's okay because you are trying to. 

Next Topic! The Bachelor, Ben Higgins! Seriously, he just told those woman, I LOVE YOU, TOO! I loved Jojo's reaction it was so, wait, what? I mean the more I thought about it I was like well maybe it makes sense because at least if you are not chosen you know he was just as invested in you. But, at the same time you might think he love "her" (the chosen one) more. Overall it sucked for Caila! Poor girl she was so excited and bam she had her heart ripped to pieces. When she got out of the are I could have sworn she was understood that I understood that when she said I am falling in love with you he could not say it back and still chose to have the overnight date with her. I am almost positive that is what she was going to say when she said did you know this week? She sure measured her words though. I think the last 3 have it the toughest and the one that goes home that week you assume they assume things did not go well that "night". Poor Caila! Of course being a part of bachelor nation I read the blogs I read anything I can get my hands on and I have seen spoiler alert, Lauren B. get the final rose. Hmm...we shall she but I feel that is how it will go. BTW, was I the only one that notice Lauren B was walking weird at the rose ceremony? The woman tell-all is next week and I can't wait!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Inspire Your Children to workout

My kids are 4 and 6 years old and they are like sponges. Although I wish I would do everything perfect I don't I get some things wrong. Everyday they see Mama working out and Daddy running they know we do this everyday except on rest days. We try to instill in them that a daily workout routine is just as important and lets say a bath. lol. We have been on this workout journey for about 5 years now and they have been there every step of the way. When Ryan showed an interest in boxing I know that him seeing us workout helped him see that working out is okay and that in order to reach your goals you have to work hard for them. 

So how do you inspire your children to workout with you without pushing them or making them.
Simple you just do you and they will follow. They only one I tell he has to workout is Ryan because he is conditioning right now for boxing but before that I did not say to word to join me, they just did. Stacy occasionally will just run up and say I wanna workout let me bring more water and a snack. lol! She is my snack buddy! Yesterday she even brought me a cold banana and yogurt!

Once they see you and how you don't give up they will want to join in on that experience. I workout solely at home so they see it everyday. I remember my Dad would always workout and now he is 67 years old and came to visit a couple of weeks ago and he worked out every other day, it was still inspiring. Lead by example. 

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Bachelor Week 4

The Bachelor!!!! Ben H! I love MONDAYS! Three hours all to myself! lol Well sort of. My 6 year old and 4 year old watch sometimes lol. Ryan my 6 year old was off to bed when he saw mommy hooked on the TV that no one could move her which is a rare thing. He started watching with me and our conversation went something like this:
Ryan: "OK mommy, so this guy is dating all these woman and he only gets to pick one?"
Me: "Yes"
Ryan: "Oh that's hard!"
Me: "Yes, maybe one day you'll be on the show!"
Ryan: "No, Thanks! lol"
At this point in the show Ben is on a one on one date with Jojo and the other women watch them kiss.
Ryan: "That's bad...I would be mad! lol"
Me: "Its a part of the show."
Ben and Jojo take off on a helicopter and in comes another date card. On this date card it was a group date so, several women's names were on the card.
Ryan: "So all those woman are going on the date??"
Me: "Yes!"
Ryan: "Oh no mommy how are they going to fit all in that helicopter???"
Me: "lol, they are not going on the helicopter!"
Ryan: "oh thank god!"
Then he turns around and falls sound asleep. lol

Yesterday I learned that Becca annoys me and that I am starting to get attached to some of the ladies. 
Looking forward for week 5 next Monday!