Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Chatty Tuesday #2

The Bachelor!!!!!  OMG! That sneak of next week nearly broke my heart in pieces. But before we dig into that lets break down the woman tell all! I mean seriously, I did not get all I need in those two hours to move on, lol! I needed more realness. I do Bachelor like I do anything in life all in or nothing. First Olivia, um... yea I think they went after her. I think her "teen" mom comment was insensitive that the time but totally was unintentional as she mentioned. It was taken out of context and I really think that she was just sitting there thinking she was speaking to a group girlfriends when it happened but America just happened to be there too.  At the women tell all she was apologetic and sincere. Jubilee was attacked right out the gate and although she is really well spoken she somehow lacks a major filter and at times make sense and then none at all. LOL! She really is confusing and complicated. Caila, oh she played her cards right to become the next bachlorette, or so she thought because in my opinion she played it too safe. I really wish she would have really said how she really felt and that would have cemented her bachlorette role. Other then that no real issues were brought up and Ben did a tactful job of making sure he did was not on the receiving end of that fire squad as Chris Harrison mentioned. As I watched the sneak peek of The Final Rose, my heart raced and broke into a tiny million pieces for the girl in the bathroom with Ben as he admits he is in love with the other woman as well. OMG moment for sure! From the looks of it I need at least 2 bottles of wine for next Monday. As far as the Bachlorette I really feel that it would be JoJo and she would be an awesome one. Because of the blogs and after shows it really feels like Lauren is the one that lands Bens ring since obviously both landed Ben's heart. If you really want to break down every episode you should really listen to After Buzz The Bachelor on your Podcast!  Be back next Tuesday!!!
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