Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Bachelor Week 4

The Bachelor!!!! Ben H! I love MONDAYS! Three hours all to myself! lol Well sort of. My 6 year old and 4 year old watch sometimes lol. Ryan my 6 year old was off to bed when he saw mommy hooked on the TV that no one could move her which is a rare thing. He started watching with me and our conversation went something like this:
Ryan: "OK mommy, so this guy is dating all these woman and he only gets to pick one?"
Me: "Yes"
Ryan: "Oh that's hard!"
Me: "Yes, maybe one day you'll be on the show!"
Ryan: "No, Thanks! lol"
At this point in the show Ben is on a one on one date with Jojo and the other women watch them kiss.
Ryan: "That's bad...I would be mad! lol"
Me: "Its a part of the show."
Ben and Jojo take off on a helicopter and in comes another date card. On this date card it was a group date so, several women's names were on the card.
Ryan: "So all those woman are going on the date??"
Me: "Yes!"
Ryan: "Oh no mommy how are they going to fit all in that helicopter???"
Me: "lol, they are not going on the helicopter!"
Ryan: "oh thank god!"
Then he turns around and falls sound asleep. lol

Yesterday I learned that Becca annoys me and that I am starting to get attached to some of the ladies. 
Looking forward for week 5 next Monday!

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