Friday, January 22, 2016

Better Mommy Body

It is a know fact that you do not have the same body after your children, even if you lose the "baby weight" and you didn't get any stretch marks or your body shows no poof that baby was ever in you, having a child in your uterus forever changes your body weather it be inside or out.

I personally have struggled with losing the baby weight and toning my tummy. It just is never the same as before I had my children and even though I am right now physically stronger then ever before my tummy is still a "mommy tummy".

One thing I have learned so far is that you are where you deserve to be. You have to work hard for everything you have accomplished in life. Goals are meant to give you an idea of what you want to achieve but you should always reach for more then your goal.

One of the most important things you should have when you are prepping yourself for any goal is your WHY, your WHY is what will keep you motivated and on track long after that feeling of you can goes away. Your WHY should be the nitty gritty, the very essence of your core. It should scare you straight because it should make you want to be better, it should make you loose sleep, it should push you when you can't push yourself. It should be your motivation EVERY SINGLE DAY!

The only way to be successful in anything is to read your WHY everyday.

Success starts with yourself...why because you can't lie to yourself! Because you know if you have done everything in your power to surpass your goals. You have to make it happen! You have to step up and tell yourself that I can't is NOT an option. You have to HUSTLE. You have to have HEART!

I wake up everyday and think I have to workout out today....and yes there are days I wake up and say, "not today!" but then I tell myself you can not complain about your belly because you do not deserve you because you have not done the work.

INSTAGRAM, oh INSTAGRAM keeps me motivated. I follow fitness people! So when I can feeling unmotivated pop on there and you will be motivated in a second. One of my favorite people to follow is Noel Benepe. She is amazing and she offers a $10 monthly workout every month! They are killer but they are so worth it. Right now I am on week 2 of her January workout schedule.

You have to start somewhere, but you have to START! If you would love an accountability partner please let me know! I am looking to form a motivation group!

So here is to a better MOMMY BODY and a better attitude too!

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