Saturday, October 9, 2010

I guess I am now NESTING!

I woke up this morning and CLEANED all day...I just kept going and going and GOING!

I started with my closet because every time I have to get ready to go out I turn to hubby and say the same phrase, "I have nothing to wear." LOL! So I emptied my closet today so that next time I really don't have nothing to wear and then a shopping trip would be in order. :)

Next the kitchen.....ughhhh "the kitchen" it took me forever to clean. I literally got fed up with everything and tossed it. Needless to say, going grocery shopping tomorrow!

Then I decorated for Halloween every thing turned out so cute and Ryan was so surprised when he saw it.

So by this time I was sooo worn out and tired, I asked hubby to take out all 5 trash bags and he said, "In a minute." He was cleaning outside all morning. Of course stubborn me.... said I'll do it myself, rolled my eyes and went to get the bags.

Well I got 4 out, then number 5 came up and it was heavy so I dragged it.....BIG opened and everything was everywhere. OMG!

Hubby was upstairs and I just gave up sat on the side of the bag and CRIED. I was outside in sun, sitting in the middle of my driveway crying! LOL!.

Hubby, came out and asked, "Are you crazy???" I said, "NO, just pregnant!" LOL! I cleaned up the trash then finished cleaning some more.

Oh man....this nesting got the best of me today and I am sooo tired and worn out. My feet ache and so does my belly. I told hubby I cleaned enough for the WHOLE YEAR (what's left of it) of course my hubby the "cleaning freak" looked at me with his yeah, sure face.

So.....did Ryan help???

Umm...if taking off your diaper and running around the house naked is help then, YES!
If writing on the WHITE wall with an orange crayon is helping then, YES!
LOL! He was a busy boy today.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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