Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Won't Be Little Forever"

I suppose when I was pregnant with Ryan I was so anxious to be a mommy and meet him and get our life together started that I felt that I was rushing everything and every moment. For example when I was 20 weeks I as already reading about week 24 and how exciting they things he would be doing that week would be. Yep.....I was very impatient, I must admit.

When he was born I was ready for him to crawl. When he crawled I was like lets walk now. LOL! Now he RUNS and I find myself saying SLOW DOWN BUDDY you are growing to fast.

I often find myself in tears when I think about how soon he will have a sibling and they will grow so fast and one day no longer need me. How at his first day of school I will be the one in tears and he might be the one consoling me. It breaks my heart to think that one days he won't want me kisses and tells me "please mom don't call me baby in front of my friends."

I have to accept that is how life works and I have to cherish these moments we share now and how grateful I am to be a Stay at Home Mom and be there for him every moment.

Here is Ryan at one week old:
Ryan at 6 months old:

and Here is the Lil Man now:
As the saying goes they "won't be little forever".

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