Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pacifer Addiction

Yes, Ryan is 17 months and LOVES his paci to no end. I don't know who is more addicted to it, him or me. Not that I would let me have it till he is 5 but for now it does not bother me. Our doctor says he can keep it until 2 yrs old because taking it away before might not be a good idea in her opinion.

My only fear is that baby #2 is coming 2 months before he turns 2 and that he might see her/him with the paci and take it away and use it. lol! Any suggestions?

So I decided to share Pics of RYan and his beloved PACI!

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  1. Daisy, Haileigh is the same way I found this lady and she makes these letters that go on the paci's and im going to order them she charges $1 per letter if I order them in bulk. So if you want I could order Ryan some R's im going to order Haileigh H's and teach her she can only have the binky with H's. Let me get you a link so you can see. :D


  2. I was very blessed that all four of my kids did not like the paci. I think they are like me if there is nothing coming out for me to eat, then I don't want it. LOL However my youngest is like Linus from the peanuts dragging her blankie around. No worries, he will be fine. Once he breaks from the paci he will be fine. It was torture breaking my youngest from the bottle, two weeks of sleepless nights but whew we got through it.

  3. My daugher loved her paci but my son hates it! I put it in his mouth and he looks at me like I'm nuts!

    Alyssa (my daughter) was almost 2 before she just one day decided that she didn't like her paci anymore. Maybe your son will do that!