Friday, September 11, 2009

What now No sLeEp 5 months later? SeRiOuSly?


My DS Ryan thought that last night was a no sleep party much to my dismay. He kept jumping up and down and wanting to play. Of course through this all DH was SNORING! I was staring at DH asleep and thinking what a MAN, along with other things! LOL!

Ryan has been an absolutely great baby and has slept on his own since 2 months all night. I really didn't go through that "oh baby didn't let me sleep last night" it was great! But, now out of the blue now all he wants to do is sleep with mommy. He even only wants mommy to feed him. My mom said, "just play with him!" I replied, "Are you crazy he's gonna want to do this every night!" What gives?

BTW, did you look at the picture that is his....oops I'm in trouble face LOL!

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  1. I wish you better sleep. I am finding it hard to feel bad for you since mine is almost 8 months and has only slept through the night 3 times. She still gets up twice during the night for feedings. This past Monday, she got up every hour! I had one of those "Baby didn't let me sleep last night" days Tuesday.