Thursday, December 29, 2011

Big Brother Ryan

You know Ryan may be 2 but he is the typical brother. The type that wants nothing to happened to his sister UNLESS of course she touches his "stuff" and then he wants to take action.

Stacy is 10 months and he is always watching her like a'd think he is the mommy. When she ocasionally gets in trouble and I say, "That's it miss you are in BIG trouble!". Somehow Super BRO Ryan comes in running and saying, "no, no, no, Stacy not in trouble....mommy be nice....she is a baby!" LOL! He never seizes to amaze me.

It may be a rare occasion that I leave Stacy with hubby for a quick run to the store but, when I do and Ryan goes with me, he never fails to remind me that Stacy is NOT with us and WHY pm earth would I leaver her. I mean after all we are the 3 musketeers right?

Sometimes in the mornings she might me crying he runs over and says "hurry mommy, hurry Stacy is AWAKE and she need a bottle!" and he will waltz into the room and say, " Good morning STACY, it is a sunny day!" LOL! When at times I doubted WHY did I want another baby.....would Ryan think he was not enough that I had to have another.....NOW I know WHY?

I had another baby so Ryan will never be alone. He needed someone to care for just as much as I care for him....I think many times the way he cares for her is a reflection of how I care for both of them and that really makes my heart smile!

So CHEERS for Big Brother Ryan! :)

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