Saturday, January 2, 2010

OCD Husband

I have been trying to let hubby deal more with Ryan, instead of him leaving all the responsibility to me. I always say that I want him to be able to care for Ryan if something was to happen to me. To this he answers:


I always say:

"You never know!"

So, I guess in a way I am preparing him for the unknown.

Well, last week I managed to escape 2 times right before bathtime and he took over. I was so proud of him. LOL!

Yesterday he VOLUNTEERED to feed him his afternoon meal. OMG I sat there through it all as I was watching TV in that room and I was about to yank my son from him.

It went something like this.

  • Prepared himself and ryan for the feeding by cleaning the highchair and ryans face with water and towels.
  • Fed ryan a spoon cleaned him.
  • Fed Ryan another Spoon cleaned him and cleaned the highchair plate.
  • Fed Ryan another spoon and cleaned him.
  • Gave him some juice and cleaned him and the highchair plate.
This repeated itself until he was done and then he said:

"Ryan is soooooo DIRTY!"

LOL! I was like how can you live like this!!!!!!

I guess my poor baby will be the little boy in the playground sitting on the bench with a towel until his bum because "daddy" doesn't want him to get dirty!

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  1. I would just be excited that my husband fed our kids. He has a tendency to 'forget' things like feeding and bathing until I get home!