Sunday, August 9, 2009

Confession 1

My confession is that's MY HOUSE IS ALWAYS CLEAN. Yep, that right my house is never a mess, EVER LOL! No thanks to me though, it's my hubby whom is a clean freak that demands the house be like that. Think I'm lucky, not so fast. He is a ULTRA SUPER DUPER CLEAN FREAK.....he cleans like no other man I know. Before he goes to work he cleans, and when I wake up there is no mess (great not so....a to do list he LEFT is still pending LOL!). There is never a dirty dish in the sink EVER....his major pet pevee.

Oh but you know what is my PET PEVEE.....his cleanfreakness.....I wish he could just be a bit laid back. Sometimes I want to wake up and mess up the house LOL! Oh, I forgot to mention my truck is SUPER has to be washed once a week and when you get out of the truck you can not leave anything, and I mean ANYTHING(he will find it).

I guess there is an upside....since he is so worried about everything being perfect....Nothing is ever missing from the refrigerator or food cabinets he insist they are kept full. GREAT!

Well, that is my confession and I think HUGE dilema!


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog from Moms Blogger Club which I also just joined. I think you are a very lucky woman to have a clean freak husband. I know far to many husbands who wont change a diaper let alone keep a clean home. Nice meeting you.

  2. That's funny that having a clean house can count as a pet peeve! My husband isn't quite like that but does sometimes do cleaning things that bother me, so I sort of know what you mean.

    Come over to my blog, I photo-tagged you! :)