Thursday, July 30, 2009

My parents and sister just left!

Ahhhh...I always cry! I just get so emotional when they leave. I miss them so much and its hard when they come to visit me and then its time for them to go home. They got to meet their grandson and fell head over heels for him. My little sister also came and fell in love with her nephew, as did Ryan with them. I am now here in my little home on the island alone once again. It's very hard to be away from my family because I am very close to them and it's hard to be on my by myself without them. Because even though I am with my hubby he is working most of the time and it is just Ryan and I. Okay I'm tearing up! I wish so much to be close to them but for now I can't so I will just make the best of it!

Okay on a happier note......I have PICTURES!!!! Little Ryan is growing up and he is a stud muffin!


  1. We have that same car seat! We loved it. Awww he's such a cutie!

  2. I love that superhero onesie! How cute is he in that? :)

  3. i miss my son being a lil baby like that. he's 2yrs old now, and time flies fast!

    from MBC here.. following you. hope to see you over my blog, too :)