Saturday, February 7, 2015

Our new little adventure!

Stacy and I decided that we love toys so much we would start our very own unboxing channel. We are very excited that we even did two videos today!! We would love for you to watch our channel and subscribe to it! We appreciate every watch and every like. 

On our channel we open toys especially our favorite lalaloopsy dolls, surprise bags, blind bags, and surprise eggs. We will also occasionally do toy and candy reviews and/or toy haul and toy videos. 

Some of our favorite you tubers are Cookie Swirl C, Disney Collector, HobbyMomTV, and Toy Collector.

Thanks for stopping by, 


  1. My daughter loves watching these channels. How fun that you get to enjoy it too!

  2. Stacy loves them too so we decided to make her dreams a reality! i was worried about her not knowing how to do it because of her age but, as you can see she jump right in! :) Thank you!