Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Mommy Body

I am so upset at my mommy body right now! Let me give you it's back story! LOL!

I use to play volleyball and dance in college and I was extremely active and fit. Somewhere along the way I fell in love and got married. When I had my first child I did not plan on loosing any weight because I always knew I would have another one, so why bother right? After I had my second child just a little short of a year ago....I thought the weight will magically disappear and I could no longer use my excuse of I am having another soon. Well the weight was here to stay and I am miserable....I am not the person I want to be physically.

DO I want to be stick thin....NOPE! That's why diets don't work for me. What I want I have to work for 100%. I am just stuck in a RUT.  I actually don't even want to be a size 5 or 3, I would be content at a size 8 or 10, instead of the 12-13 I am. It's scary to me to even say numbers.

Today I decided to work out, so I did. Half way through the work out I wanted to stop. I went through it all and then I had a good cry not about the workout, but about my body. I am so disappointed in it and myself. I use to be able to push myself harder. It use to not JIGGLE! It use to be me!

I always try to love myself as I am but I can't because I know I want and expect of myself and I am ready to take the reins back to my body.

So I am starting a FaceBook group with mommy's just like me that need to help keep each other accountable! I will be inviting a trainer to join the group as well as a motivator.The group will be called  mommy bodies: I would love to have you join!

Lets take back our bodies!

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  1. Woot! I'm so with you on this one! I know EXACTLY how you feel. It is so depressing. I'll see you at the group!