Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to Enter a Giveaway

I got several emails asking me how to enter the giveaways so here is how it works.

In order to enter the giveaway you MUST LEAVE A COMMENT in the COMMENT SECTION OF THE GIVEAWAY.

To leave your comment you first need to click on the "leave a comment" link.
You then leave your comment in the box. You can sign in with an Open ID Password (LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad or IM), but the easiest thing to do is sign up for a Google/Blogger ID, if you don't already have one. When you do so, MAKE SURE that your e-mail address is listed in your Blogger profile. (You do this by logging in and clicking on "Edit Profile". Then check the box next to "Show my email address".) If you don't have your e-mail address available in your Blogger profile, then you will have to leave your e-mail address in the comment itself.

What type of comment should you leave? For many of these giveaways, the blogger will specify a particular question that you must answer. This often involves visiting the web site of the giveaway sponsor and selecting an item that you like. Make sure that you always leave the requested comment or your entry will not be valid!

Extra Entries:
One thing that a lot of people find confusing are all the various methods available for gaining extra entries. Sometimes extra entries are given for simple things like answering a second question that is posted, but here are other things that are often requested for extra entries. Some of the extra entries are available only to bloggers, but many can be done by anyone. After you do the requested action, you generally need to go back and add another comment stating what you did. These are just a few of the extra entries sometimes offered:

Become a Follower in Blogger - This is super easy. If you have a Blogger account, you just need to click on "become a follower" wherever they have it posted in the side bar and click to confirm.

Twitter - You can often earn extra entries for either following a blogger in Twitter and/or tweeting about the contest. To do these, you will first need to register for a Twitter account. After you register, you can follow someone by clicking on their Twitter link to get to their Twitter profile and click the "follow" button at the top of the page. To tweet about a contest, go to the Twitter home page and write something about the contest in the box at the top of the page and include a link to the contest. Sometimes you will be requested to post specific text. If a giveaway asks you to post a comment with a link to your tweet, you can get it by clicking on the words at the end of your posted tweet where it says how long ago you posted it, it will usually say something like "less than 10 seconds ago". After you click on it, you will see your last post and you can copy the URL from the address bar on your browser.

Blog about the Contest - Just write a post on your own blog and include a link back to the contest.

Post a button on your blog - Copy the code for the bloggers button and post it in your sidebar or facebook.

I hope this has been helpful to you. If I forgot anything (and I KNOW I must have forgot several things), please feel free to add it in the comments. Or, if anything I wrote was unclear or you have questions, comment with that and I will try to clear it up!


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