Wednesday, February 24, 2010 a new house with baby.

We are moving to a new house and it is not an easy task. This time I have Ryan and it slows me down a whole lot because I have to take him down and put him back in the truck over and over as I move things back and forth between houses. I don't have anyone to help me other than hubby and he works everyday. I really wish my family was here to help and times like these make me miss them so much!

So where are we moving??? We are moving with in the same city here in Puerto Rico, but we are moving to a much bigger home....which means my own craft room! YAY!

Ryan's room is also much bigger so that will be fun for him. He beginning to walk and it is awesome to see him explore the world and try to get in everything. He will be one soon and is still sleeping lots throughout the day he takes at least 2 naps sometimes 3.

This blog is very important to me and the last couple of months I have not posted as much as I would like because I am in a transition in my life of FULL blown motherhood and WAHM mama! It is not an easy task but I feel it is something I can conquer and be proud of. Every single one of my readers is very important to me and I cannot wait to share my life and surprises I have for thos blog with my readers. Thank you for being you!!!

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