Saturday, December 19, 2009

I got my Christmas Gift!!!!

Finally I was able to get my Christmas Gift! Although I am not allowed to play with it just yet!

After months of basically stalking this camera and bugging hubby to death I finally got it and my smile is so wide. I actually wish I could show you HOW wide with my NEW camera.....but HUBBY has put a HUGE "do not open till christmas sign"! Yep and it SUCKS!!! LOL!

I thought I could convince him but it is a no go. Ughhhh I hate waiting what am I 5??? LOL!

Well anyhow soon I will be able to share my life with you through my NEW Canon Rebel XSi.


  1. I got my "real" camera 1.5 years ago, and our photographs haven't been the same since!!! congrats!!

  2. You are going to LOVE taking photos with that camera! I have that one, and it has been so great. Happy shooting, and Happy Holidays!