Monday, November 23, 2009


Wow, life sure has many up and downs. Shortly after I posted the guest post below written by my sister my nephew got really sick. Funny how life is huh?

He was complaining about a stomach pain and everyone INCLUDING the doctor thought it was just a stomach infection he was in the hospital about 4 days when the found out it was more than just that and had an appendicitis which had ruptured and created severe infection in his body.

He had surgery but days after something still wasn't working and his liver has swollen and to be honest his future seemed dark. We were all so worried.

He was then transferred to a childrens hospital in a nearby city by airplane and there he had a recovery we were all praying for.

Luckily he is home now after about 3 1/2 weeks in the hospital but now he can't return to school until January because he went home with a machine still on him.

My sister's life was turned upside down during that time and it was extremely difficult to see her go through that and not to be able to be by her side.

Aside from all of that my little Ryan is now close to 8 months old and growing so fast I can see myself trying to hold back time. Often enough as he is sleeping I hold him tight and cry because he is just everything I wished for in a child. I think about all those woman whom try to conceive and can not and it makes me even more grateful to have him in my life.

He is already standing up and a PROFESSIONAL crawler. He still doesn't say a word other than a recent "ta ta" but me and hubby have our bet placed on ma ma and pa pa. LOL!

It feels great to be back on my blog and lets get this show on the road.


  1. Welcome back! So glad your nephew is feeling better. Sick kids are the scariest thing in this world. Also, congrats on Ryan now standing and crawling. It's hard to watch them grow so fast, but just think, soon he'll be a toddler and that is the funniest time ever!

  2. I am so glad that your nephew is doing so much better! You have been heavy on mind this last week, hoping everything was alright with your family.
    It is amazing how quickly are precious little one grow up, and we are forever young! Ryan is on his way with crawling and standing!
    Happy Thanksgiving Daisy!

  3. Sorry to hear about your nephew. Glad he is doing better.