Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Exciting New Reviews Up Soon

We are so excited to soon post our reviews about items from:


  1. Daisy, thanks so much for finding me again! I moved to WP and sooo glad to see you're back. I felt out of touch since the move, but so glad to reconnect with you! And thanks for having me on your blogroll, but in order for my updates to show, you need to re-add me. My feeds are still somewhat messed up, too. I've been recommending my bloggy friends to resubscribe. SO GLAD YOUR BACK!!!

  2. My kids would LOVE those waffles! Adorable!!

  3. Wow I need one of these!

    I'm happily following you from MBC.

    I've got a ton of great giveaways on my blog, The Penny-Pinching Mama