Friday, September 18, 2009

Kate Gosslin...I just have to give my opinion!

I have been a fan of the show Jon and Kate plus 8 since the beginning and I have to admit that I felt so bad for those children when the show became as big as it did and as a result the divorce came through from Jon and Kate. As a reality junkie as I have admitted before I just KNEW it would happen but hope they would overcome it.

Jon says "it not a midlife crisis" I say"YES IT IS!!!!". I think she has handled it all with grace! Jon I was on your side in the beginning why why why did you make me hate you! LOL!

I've been watching her on The VIEW and I think she fits in well....I know its temporary but who knows maybe she'll get picked up to do some sort of show.

BTW, I liked her hair today on The View much nicer, do you think?


  1. I am a huge fan of the show, but I was so sad to hear about their break up and see this crazy media hype. Those poor kids. Can't imagine having gone through a divorce how difficult this is for them, especially with their parents in the media all the time. I have to say I did like Kate's hair today much better than her previous style. I hope that the two of them will start keeping their problems with their marriage more private and focus on helping their kids.

  2. I feel torn. Kate is a little too into the fame thing now I think. Watching early episodes of the show, she is now a completely different person. Her attitude is much more "it's all about me" than it was in the beginning. Jon's actions really make me want to kick him so I guess in this situation, I feel bad for the kids, and neither of the parents.

  3. I've only watched a few episodes of the I'm not an authority on what happened, but I always thought that Kate was kinda mean to Jon.

  4. Hi there,
    Just stopping by from MBC, It's interesting to hear others opinions, I didn't watch the show often enough to have an opinion, but do feel sad about the instability of the family for the kids.

    I'll be back again soon!


  5. I'm also stopping by from MBC, and I have no idea about her appearance from the view but I know a marriage takes two and she's been gone a lot. The fame did go to her head, I just feel really bad for the kids. The last family picture I saw of all of them the two older girls didn't even try to fake a smile or sit nicely with the family