Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bravo TV Reality Show Junkie.....That's me!

My name is Daisy and I am a reality show junkie. I should actually say Bravo TV junkie. I love watching the housewives....although that is far from the type of housewife I am but, still like to  watch them. New York is my favorite but  I also liked New Jersey fuggetaboutit lol!

I love Flipping Out jeff reminds me so much of hubby with his cleaning obbsession and zoila she is just too funny, not to mention Jenni she is a sweet heart. I also like Ryan he is such a good guy and is daughter is adorable.

Rachel Zoe is just bananas, LOL I want to where all that clothes and just die(not literally). I would love her job so glamorous....stressful but still fun. I must say I do not like Taylor she is just a mess for me. I love Brad how cute is he. I have to mention her hubby Roger he is so calm I like that.

I use to love the bachelor  but now it just seem overrated. I dunno I lost interest.

Don't even get me started on Jon and Kate....I'll keep my mouth shut because my opinion deserves a post all on its own.

So is any else a junkie? If so, what shows do you watch?

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