Thursday, August 20, 2009

Support an Animal Shelter!

We have a guest blogger today HUNTER the Maltese!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Hunter and I'm a maltese. But, what you might not know is that mom and dad rescued me from a local shelter. This shelter took me in not only once - but twice! Why you ask? Because the first family that adopted me brought me back because they said I was "too much to handle" and they didn't have time for me. I was really happy when they brought me back because they hadn't been taking care of me and I had to go back under the sleepy stuff to have my ears cleaned out and a tooth pulled.

Anyways, that was all in the past. Now, because of all the love and support of my local shelter, I live with my wonderful mom and dad who spoil me ROTTEN ! But, I am a good maltese and I will never forget where I came from . That's why every year I participate in the Strut Your Mutt! This is a fundraiser for the shelter that took such good care of me. All the money that I raise goes directly to the care of the animals that aren't as lucky as me and haven't found their fur-ever homes just yet . The money goes towards all the medical bills that the shelter has to make the dapper dogs and crazy kitties healthy and strong so they can have a new chance at life. Surgery is expensive and while the local vets pitch in and give great discounts, it's not always enough. So, all the money I raise will go into the Sadie Fund which is used to treat all the little medical problems that surrenders typically have (like being neutered, spayed, ears cleaned, teeth pulled, and sometimes bigger surgeries that I don't dare talk too much about like kidney, knees, and heart problems - YIKEs!)

I wanted to raise a MILLION dollars for the shelter this year because I love them so much (last year I raise $1000) but my mom said that the economy is tough this year so I she said I needed a more modest goal . I would appreciate it if anyone reading this could give even just a little so that I can help my friends at the shelter to have a nice and safe stay while they are there until their fur-ever homes are found.

Well, I have to get to training - its a long 2 mile walk and it's held rain or shine so the hot summer sun can't slow me down today. Mom said she was going to attach a link for everyone to go to and donate at. Thanks again for reading and donating!!!

xoxo Hunter

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