Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Okay I am addicted?

I am constantly on Swap Mamas....the women on there are so friendly and you get to swap things you no longer need for things you need (such as gifts lots of handmade good too) I have already swapped with over 15 people.

Here's how it works!


Step 1. Sign up! (psst ... it's free.)

Step 2. Fill out your profile, upload a photo and create your own custom page. This is how swapmates will get to know you.

Step 3. Browse the GROUPS, join all that interest you, connect with others, and start swapping!


1. Even Steven. You want something of theirs. They want something of yours. Here's a fantastic example of this.

2. Just Give. Eventually you'll be on the receiving end! Here's a great example of this.

3. Old Fashioned Bartering. Do you have a craft? Maybe you make jewelry. Maybe you have a talent for fiber arts. Whatever your specialty, if you see something up for trade you'd like, why not offer to barter? It's worked for centuries -- why stop now? Here's a fabulous example of this.

Hope to see you there soon and yes my name is Daisy and I am addicted.

Please put me down as your referrer (Daisy Gamboa).

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