Friday, August 7, 2009

Homemade Food TIps

I am just getting started on this new adventure with my baby boy and I have some tips to share.

1. Make batches of food and store in freezer in servings so that way when you are getting ready to feed baby you have the exact serving you need and you have several for the week.

2. I suggest buying the Ziplock snack bags and put one serving per bag and store in freezer....this works like a charm for me.

3. I have read you can buy some canned foods such as peas. Buy and can of peas and puree it in the blender you'll have enough for one week of veggies for a 4 mo. old and half a week for a 6mo. old.

4. You can also buy some Gerber baby food for the containers so that when you are on the go you have containers to store your food. I think they work great when you are on the go go go and most of us are.

Making your baby home cooked food is not at all as intimidating and most of us think it is. It is actually easy and saves you money. You can cook for your baby just one batch a week and your set for the week. Don't you wish we could do that with hubby??

I encourage all mommies to at LEAST try it one week.

Need new recipes??? Just comment your child's age and how much time you have to cook a meal and I will post a recipe just for your child.


  1. I agree - it definitely is much easier than it appears! I love making my own baby food :)

  2. also - forgot to say in my last comment - i just gave you an award on my blog - stop by when you get a chance to receive :)

  3. I forgot to ask in my last comment on your previous baby-food making post...are you introducing foods one at a time? It makes it a heck of a lot easier when cooking/freezing them, and it's what is recommended by doctors. I usually cook up a batch of frozen veggies/fruits either by baking, boiling, or steaming, and then puree it in the blender, pop it in ice cube trays, and put the cubes in ziplock freezer baggies once they're solidified. Then I can mix and match flavors as I choose! Also, a great site with lots of info on baby food making is . I go on there all the time getting info on what my little guy is able to have next.